Emerald Fine Forage is the ideal forage for all horses and ponies. It is consistent and reliable and contains just grass alone. When fed as the main forage source, it can enable you to reduce your horse’s hard feed by up to a third.

Emerald Fine Forage is dust free, it contains no chemical additives, mould inhibitors, flavourings, molasses or inoculants.  It is extremely palatable, very digestible and allows for more efficient utilisation of the available nutrients, and because it retains much of the value of fresh grass, Emerald Fine Forage improves condition and adds a natural bloom to the coat.

It is therefore ideal for an ad lib forage diet or as part of a controlled feeding regime, making it suitable for when your horse has to be stabled for extended periods of time or for supplementing a concentrate feed.

Emerald Fine Forage is an affordable method of providing your horse with the fibre and forage it needs.

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