Thank you, I received my Emerald Fine Forage haylage today.  I am very pleased, the quality looks superb.

James, Connemara ponies


Emerald Fine Forage is a must have for me when I go on tour.  The haylage is of very high quality, its provides my horses with the extra fibre and calories they need to compete and it comes in handy sized bales.

The bales are heat sealed so I can be safe in the knowledge that when they arrive overseas, the product will be just as good as when freshly baled, and the quality won’t have declined in any way.

‘DLite’ Janakabhorn Karunyadhaj, professional showjumper


My horses have been fed with Emerald Fine Forage for over a year and they really are thriving on it.  Even my fussy eaters love to get their haylage each day, and I can now feed haylage ad lib with confidence knowing that the horses will be getting all the fibre they need.

I will certainly continue to use Emerald Fine Forage and would recommend it to anyone.

Angela Percy, professional showjumper


I find Emerald Fine Forage an excellent and affordable way to provide my horses with forage.  They all seem to really enjoy the haylage and I find the bales are always very consistent.

Emerald Fine Forage is cheaper than many of its competitors, but provides a product just as good.

Sandra, leisure horses


Previously, I was using a bale of haylage every two days simply to provide my hunter with fibre and to try and keep condition on him.  After switching to Emerald Fine Forage, I found that I didn’t need to feed as much as a little of this goes a long way.

His coat is shining and he’s fit and well for hunting twice a week.

Jenny, hunters

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