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We have 30 years experience of manufacturing products and supplying to the equine industry throughout Ireland and into Europe. Emerald Fine Forage was formulated to produce a high quality forage for the equine market in Ireland at a competitive price. We grow the product ourselves in Comber, Co. Down and we reprocess the product in our brand new state of the art reprocessing plant in Lisburn, Co. Antrim. The haylage is a high fibre forage that is extremely palatable to horses and ponies of all calibre. Emerald Fine Forage is ideal for an ad lib forage diet or as part of a controlled feeding regime.

Forage Made with quality in mind

Our product is made from specially selected grass seeds that are complemented by the Irish soils. We aim to provide a high quality product, produced in Ireland for both the leisure and competition Horse. Emerald Fine Forage feed analysis shows it is fantastic for feeding to laminitic horses as it has a CP (% DM) of just 5.7

This shows that our haylage has just enough energy inside each bag to maintain a healthy diet for your horse without causing fizziness. Each bag is approx 20 kg in weight (75 Litres ). All bales are processed to order and are heat sealed to insure freshness.

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